June 6, 2006

Texas man executed for girlfriend’s murder

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas man was put to death
by lethal injection on Tuesday for the 1992 ax-murder of his

Timothy Titsworth, 34, was condemned for killing Christine
Sossaman, 26, as she lay sleeping in the bedroom of the mobile
home they shared in Amarillo, Texas, on July 23, 1992.

Titsworth said he was high on crack cocaine when he struck
Sossaman about 16 times with the ax. Sossaman told a friend the
day before the attack she was going to ask Titsworth to move
out because she thought he was stealing from her.

After the attack, Titsworth took Sossaman's car and some of
her personal items, which he sold to buy crack cocaine. Over
the two days following the murder, Titsworth and other crack
addicts returned to the home to take more items to sell.

In a final statement while strapped to a gurney in the
death chamber, Titsworth apologized to Sossaman's daughter,

"Know that today I hope you get peace and joy," he said. "I
am sorry that it has taken 14 years to get closure. If it would
have brought closure or brought her back, I would have done
this years ago. I promise. I promise."

Titsworth was the 11th person executed in Texas this year.
He was the 366th put to death since the state resumed capital
punishment in 1982, six years after the U.S. Supreme Court
lifted a national death penalty ban, a total that leads the

For his final meal, Titsworth requested beef fajitas with
jalapeno peppers, a rib eye steak with a baked potato, beef
enchiladas with cheese and Mountain Dew soda.

Texas has 14 additional executions scheduled, so far, for