June 12, 2006

Court strikes down San Francisco ban on guns

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A Superior Court judge ruled on
Monday against a voter-approved measure to prohibit San
Franciscans from owning handguns and to ban the sale of all
firearms and ammunition in the Californian city.

The measure, approved last year by almost 58 percent of
city voters, was challenged by the National Rifle Association,
which said it contradicted state and federal gun rules.

"Proposition H is adjudged invalid as preempted by state
law," San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren said in
his ruling.

Famously liberal San Francisco has found itself at odds
with national laws from time to time, including in 2004 when
the city briefly allowed gays to marry before ordered to stop
in court.

The city has not enforced the gun ban pending the court
review of the issue. A spokesman said the city attorney was
considering whether to appeal the decision.