June 21, 2006

US would see N.Korea missile test as threat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States would consider a
North Korean missile launch over Japan a clear threat to
international peace and security, the U.S. ambassador to the
United Nations said on Wednesday.

"The launch of a missile, particularly if it goes over
Japanese territory, is clearly a threat to international peace
and security, something we can't accept," John Bolton told CNN.

He called signs of launch preparations "very serious" but
acknowledged Washington does not know what kind of payload the
missile carries and "we don't know exactly what North Korea has
in mind ... It could be this is an exercise. It could be it's a
provocation. It could be it's a real preparation for a launch."

Bolton also urged China, one of Pyongyang's only allies, to
do more to persuade the isolated communist state to stand down
from any launch.