June 23, 2006

Tropical storm could develop N East of Bahamas: NHC

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A tropical storm could develop
northeast of the Bahamas over the next day or so, the U.S.
National Hurricane Center said in an outlook Friday.

Specifically, the NHC said in an update at 11:30 a.m. EDT
that "satellite imagery and surface observations indicate that
the broad area of low pressure centered about 200 miles east of
the northwestern Bahamas has become better organized this

Upper-level winds have become somewhat more favorable for
development and a tropical or subtropical depression could form
during the next day or so as the system moves slowly
west-northwest, the NHC said.

If the system continues to move to the west-northwest,
electricity traders said, it would likely avoid the oil and
natural gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

An Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter aircraft will
investigate the system on Saturday, if necessary.

Elsewhere, the NHC did not expect any tropical storms to
form through Friday but did mention there were at least three
tropical waves located in the Atlantic and Caribbean.

The Center will call the next storm Beryl.