July 4, 2006

Dublin airport evacuated due to scare

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Dublin airport was evacuated on Tuesday
after a man walked into the arrivals hall saying he had a bomb.

A bomb disposal unit was sent to the airport, north of the
Irish capital, and traffic diverted away from the area during a
two-hour security operation but the airport reopened after
experts found only clothes and papers in the package the man
was carrying.

"It seems a man walked into the arrivals hall and said he
had a device in a bag," a Defense Forces spokesman said.

"Having x-rayed it and remotely opened the bag, the bomb
squad found nothing but some old clothing and some newspapers,"
another spokesman said.

Police arrested a middle-aged man and are detaining him in
a north Dublin police station under the Offences Against the
State Act, meaning he can be held for up to 72 hours.

Planes were permitted to land during the incident but there
was no access to the terminal building. Flights out of the
airport were scheduled to resume within an hour of it
reopening, although airport officials warned passengers to
expect delays.

Dublin International Airport is Ireland's busiest airport.
More than 18 million passengers passed through it last year.

(Additional reporting by Paul Hoskins)