July 19, 2006

Two students indicted for jihad

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A federal grand jury indicted two U.S.
citizens on Wednesday on charges of plotting "violent jihad"
and undergoing paramilitary training in northwest Georgia to
prepare themselves for terrorist acts.

Syed Haris Ahmed, 21, born in Pakistan and a student at
Georgia Tech, was arrested in March. Wednesday's charges
superseded an earlier indictment against him, adding three
counts of material support of terrorism and a foreign terrorist

FBI officials in April arrested Ehsanul Islam Sadequee,
born in 1986 in Bangladesh. He was also added to the

Both men developed contacts with other supporters of jihad,
traveling to Toronto, Canada, and made video clips of
"potential terrorist targets" in Washington including the
Capitol building, the indictment said.

"Ahmed, Sadequee and another person known to the Grand Jury
engaged in physical and rudimentary paramilitary training
including activities with paintball guns in northwestern
Georgia," said the indictment filed at Atlanta district court.

It said Ahmed traveled to Pakistan to get paramilitary and
religious training with the aim of fighting in Kashmir, while
Sadequee went to Bangladesh in part to support jihad.

The case is one of several in which U.S. justice officials
have prosecuted suspects whose alleged plots were in their very
early stages.

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias defended the validity of making
arrests and charges before a specific plot has been hatched.

"The indictment does not allege that these defendants had
proceeded to a point that they posed an imminent threat to the
United States. But in today's world we no longer wait until a
bomb is built and ready to explode," he said in a statement.