August 3, 2006

Hound dog mauls Elvis’s teddy bear

LONDON (Reuters) - Barney the guard dog went berserk at a
teddy bear exhibition in England and ripped the stuffing out of
Elvis Presley's beloved bear Mabel, exhibitors said on

Wookey Hole Caves, a popular holiday destination in
Somerset, southern England, was drawing children with its
display of 1,000 precious teddy bears, including Mabel, beloved
bear of the King of Rock and Roll.

But, said General Manager Daniel Medley, it all went
horribly wrong.

The collection was so valuable that the insurance company
insisted the exhibitors guard it with dogs. Barney, a sleek and
handsome Dobermann, was dutifully dispatched.

"The security guard was doing his normal patrols at the
site. He let the dog in, and the dog went on a rampage," Medley
told Reuters.

"He started with Mabel, took a very large chunk out of
Mabel almost severing her head, and then went mad. It took
about 20 minutes to bring him out."

Dozens of other bears were shredded too.

Mabel is the property of Sir Benjamin Slade, a local
aristocrat, who says he paid 40,000 pounds ($75,000) at auction
for the bear.

Sir Benjamin is "hopping mad," confessed Medley.

As for Barney, "he's going to be retired to a farm where he
can chase chickens," Medley said. "We've told the security
company we don't want anything nasty to happen to Barney, but
we don't want him back."