August 17, 2006

W. Virginia airport evacuated in explosive alert

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Authorities evacuated the terminal
at Tri-State Airport in Huntington, West Virginia, on Thursday
after a test on two plastic containers carried by a female
passenger showed a possible explosive, the airport's director
told CNN.

Airport director Larry Salyers told the network that
security screeners had detected material in the containers that
indicated "it very well could be a bomb." The passenger was
detained by the FBI and being questioned, he said.

Testing by Transportation Security Agency equipment as well
as dogs indicated the substance in the containers was "not
permissible and very suspect." They were taken by robot to a
remote area for further analysis, Salyers said.

He said the woman, who he did not identify, was originally
from Jackson, Michigan, and identification papers showed she
was born in 1978.