August 24, 2006

NY subway fans set record for riding whole system

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Matt Green and Don Badaczewski emerged
from a subway train in the Bronx just before sunrise on
Thursday dazed, confused and victorious.

The two friends from college traversed the entire New York
subway system in a hair over 24 hours, shaving more than an
hour off the previous record.

Green, 26, and Badaczewski, 24, went without sleep during
their trip, and in Green's case, food.

"I'm pretty tired, not that hungry. My speech is definitely
slurred. ... I'm just glad to be done," Green told reporters at
the Pelham Bay station in the Bronx.

Badaczewski ate beef jerky to sustain himself, but was
still exhausted at the end. "I'm going to sleep as long as I
can now," he said.

Mike Falsetta and Salvatore Babones set the previous
record, 25 hours and 11 minutes, in 1998. Falsetta promised
earlier this week to come out of retirement if his record was

Green said he and Badaczewski completed the trip through
every station in the system in 24 hours, 2 minutes.

What motivated them? The combination of logistical planning
and endurance, they said.

Speaking on the 7 train to Flushing on Wednesday, about
seven hours into their ride, Badaczewski said: "Lots of nerds
can sit in a room and use their computer to come up with the
best route, but we're willing to put our route on the line and
actually come out here."

"And eat and drink as little as possible, and hopefully not
have to go to the bathroom at all," Green added.

Reuters was not able to independently verify their claim.