August 24, 2006

Arizona seniors find nurtured “weed” is pot

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Arizona seniors had no idea what the
flourishing plant they nurtured in their driveway was until a
passing deputy told them it was marijuana.

A Yavapai County sheriff's department said a deputy spotted
the blooming 5-foot-tall marijuana plant growing in the
driveway of a retirement community near Prescott, two hours
drive north of Phoenix midweek.

"The residents just thought it was a pretty weed and so
they decided to nurture it," department spokeswoman Susan
Quayle told Reuters by telephone.

The officer yanked out the plant, which Quayle said was
either "self-seeded or could have been dropped by a grandchild
visiting the community."

"No citations were issued. The officer just educated them,"
she said.