August 24, 2006

JonBenet suspect leaves Los Angeles for Colorado

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Schoolteacher John Mark Karr left
Los Angeles on Thursday on a plane bound for Colorado, where he
is wanted for questioning over the 1996 murder there of child
beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, local television reported.

Karr, who was arrested in Thailand last week and claimed
6-year-old JonBenet's death was an accident, left Long Beach
airport on a Colorado state plane. Karr, 41, dressed in an
orange prison jumpsuit, could be seen on local television
boarding the small plane. Authorities in Colorado confirmed the

Karr is wanted in Boulder, Colorado, on five counts of
murder, kidnapping and sexual assault on a minor. He has not
been formally charged.

Karr's surprise arrest sparked a renewed media frenzy over
what was already one of America's most notorious and
fascinating unsolved crimes. He was held briefly in Los Angeles
for an extradition hearing which went ahead uncontested on