August 28, 2006

US Airways plane diverted after bomb threat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A US Airways flight en route to
Houston from Philadelphia was diverted to Bristol, Tennessee,
on Monday after a bomb threat was found in a note on board,
officials said.

The plane landed at the Tri-Cities Airport, which serves
eastern Tennessee, southwestern Virginia and western North
Carolina, and the passengers were being questioned by the FBI
after leaving the plane, a Transportation Security
Administration official said.

"It's a Philadelphia to Houston flight that was diverted to
TRI, which is Tri Cities Airport in Tennessee, due to a
threatening note," the TSA spokesperson said.

"The flight has now landed without incident."

A US Airways spokeswoman said flight 3441, a US Airways
Express flight operated by Republic Airways, landed shortly
after taking off at 10:10 a.m. EDT (1410 GMT).

"There was a potential threat of a bomb," she said.

She said 52 passengers and three crew members were on board
the plane.

An airport official told Reuters there had been a bomb

It is the latest in a series of scares since police in
Britain uncovered a suspected plot to blow up U.S.-bound
airliners this month. Since then security has been tightened at
airports and passengers have been jittery.