August 31, 2006

Armed Palestinian in Tel Aviv demands asylum in UK

By Jeffrey Heller

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An armed Palestinian who said he was
shunned by Israel and his own people after informing for the
Jewish state broke into the British embassy's car park in Tel
Aviv on Thursday demanding asylum in Britain.

Some six hours after he climbed over a perimeter fence,
Nadim Injaz threatened in a telephone call broadcast live on
Israel's Channel 2 television to kill himself unless his demand
for sanctuary was met.

No hostages were taken and no shots fired in the standoff,
which stretched into the night, with Israeli security forces
who surrounded the car park.

"We are attempting to solve the situation peacefully and
calmly. There has been no initial danger to any of the
individuals working inside the embassy," police spokesman Micky
Rosenfeld said.

"We know the individual. He's seeking asylum through the
British embassy ... and is armed with a pistol," Rosenfeld

Israeli reporters, who said Injaz had contacted them days
before the embassy incident warning he was about to take
"extreme action," identified him as a Palestinian who worked
briefly as an informer for Israel's Shin Bet security agency.

He has been living illegally in the Jewish state and police
said he petitioned an Israeli court recently for a residency
permit on the basis of his past service as an informer.

"I appealed to a court, to all the authorities. No one
wants to help me," he said in the telephone call broadcast on
Channel 2, whose news anchors addressed him by name.

Injaz said Israeli authorities had told him to go back to
the West Bank, but Palestinians had told him he would be killed
as a collaborator if he went home unless he carried out an
attack against Israelis.

Injaz told Channel 2 that after being turned down for
residency by Israel and threatened by his own people, he felt
his only option was to seek help from Britain.

"What could I do? Carry out an attack and kill Jews? So I
jumped into the embassy (parking lot)," he said. "If I were a
Jew under threat in Berlin, would they send me back to

Israeli media said Injaz had asked to meet the British
ambassador and then to be taken to the airport and flown to