September 1, 2006

Syria agrees to U.N. Lebanon resolution

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said
on Friday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was committed to
implementing a U.N. resolution on Lebanon that includes an
embargo on illegal arms shipments.

"The president informed me that Syria supports Security
Council Resolution 1701 and will help in its implementation. We
also discussed the issue of the arms embargo," Annan told
reporters after talks with Assad in Damascus.

"While stating Syrian objections to the presence of foreign
forces along the Syrian-Lebanese border, the president
committed to me that Syria will take all necessary measures to
implement in full paragraph 15 of the resolution," Annan added.

"That is the paragraph that deals with the arms embargo."

Annan said Syria would beef up border security and was
ready to run joint patrols with the Lebanese army.