September 3, 2006

Six children die in Chicago apartment fire

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Six children, including two
3-year-olds, died in a fire started by candles that family
members used because their apartment lacked electricity, fire
commissioner Raymond Orozco said on Sunday.

There were ten people in the three-bedroom apartment when
the fire started, a mother and her nine children, said Orozco.

"This is obviously a very tragic day for this family," said
Orozco, who said the deaths were the most in a Chicago fire in
many years.

The dead children were aged 3, 3, 6, 10, 12 and the oldest
was 15 or 16, said Orozco.

"Candles were the cause" he said. "We found out that there
was no electricity in the apartment."

Orozco also said the apartment had no functioning smoke