General News Archive - November 14, 2010

Quicksimpleinsurance warns that dog owners of certain aggressive breeds are running in to further complications obtaining homeowners insurance coverage. Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 13, 2010 Quicksimpleinsurance warns that dog owners of certain aggressive breeds are running in to further complications obtaining homeowners insurance coverage. Dogs are fun and even healthy for family relationships.

Austin boomers are facing a new challenge of juggling care for their own families with taking responsibility for their aging parents.

Morrison Container Handling Solutions NEW High-Speed Servo Infeed System Handles 1200-1500 Bottles per Minute, Never Slows to Less Than 500 Bottles per Minute when Backlog is Lost Glenwood, IL (PRWEB) November 13, 2010 Morrison Container Handling Solutions, a leading manufacturer of feed and timing screws as well as change parts for the packaging industry, unveils its NEW High-Speed Servo Infeed System at Pack Expo 2010 to an eager audience of packagers.

The innovative ARC ARMORâ„¢ Enclosure was recently released at WEFTEC 2010 by these Control Solution Providers: Best Controls, CSI Controls®, Control Works Inc., and SJE-Rhombus®.

Xulon title offers the reader a proven step-by-step method of deliverance Longwood, FL (Vocus) November 13, 2010 Salvation through Jesus Christ assures every one of two opposing encounters—a personal relationship with God who is good, and an ongoing spiritual battle with forces that are evil.

Business travel can be boring. Oftentimes, after a day's hard work, one might wish to take a stroll out of hotel and explore local attractions. But what is there to see and how to get there? A bus tour may be the answer, but only if it still runs at this hour.

SmartNow announced today that two seasoned health care executives, James Karis and Ken Horowitz, have joined its team adding significant depth in the health care industry and enterprise software.

Lextech Labs to Open NASDAQ with TechAmerica, Event Focused on Celebrating Innovation in Illinois Lextech Labs will join TechAmerica in New York City to open the NASDAQ Stock Market on Monday, November 15.

With as few as 3,200 Tigers in the Wild, Experts Discuss Goal of Doubling Wild Tiger Numbers and Tackling Issues Such as Poaching, Habitat Loss and Captive Tigers. Washington, DC (Vocus) November 12, 2010 World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and TRAFFIC International will hold a joint media briefing by teleconference on Tuesday, Nov.

Tech firm alleges key personal search system used illegally Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 12, 2010 Attorneys for Earthcomber LLC petitioned the US Court for the Northern District of Illinois (Case 1:10-CV-07217) to block immediately sales and use of a technology that enables Magellan GPS users to personally tune local search, accusing Magellan of patent infringements that could ruin Earthcomber’s market. The motion targets Magellan’s “RoadMate” and “Maestro” navigation systems.

Word of the Day
  • In Roman antiquity, the return of a person who had been banished, or taken prisoner by an enemy, to his old condition and former privileges.
  • In international law, that right by virtue of which persons and things taken by an enemy in war are restored to their former status when coming again under the power of the nation to which they belonged.
The word 'postliminy' comes from a Latin word meaning 'threshold'.