Organic Crops Found To Contain More Nutrients Less Pesticide

Organic Crops Found To Contain More Nutrients, Less Pesticide Residue

An in-depth comparison of the nutritional quality and safety of food production methods has revealed that organic crops contain more antioxidants, as well as fewer and less frequent...

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Child Believed To Be Cured Of HIV Now Has Detectable Virus

The Mississippi infant believed to have been cured of HIV following an extended remission now once again has “detectable levels” of the AIDS-causing virus in her blood.

Could Joining A Gym Help College Students Raise Their GPA

College students looking to improve their grades might be better served putting down the textbooks and getting a little exercise, researchers from the Michigan State University Department of Kinesiology claim in a new study.

Fresh Avocado Enhances Absorption Of Essential Nutrients

Study explores improvements in the absorption of vitamin A when avocados are eaten with tomatoes or carrots

People Increasingly Drawn To YouTube For Skin Cancer

While YouTube might be a popular destination for viral videos and sports highlight reels, it’s also useful for raising awareness of skin cancer and prevention techniques, according to a new report in the Dermatology Online Journal.

Reversing Brain Damage In Parkinsons Disease With Cinnamon

A new study from Rush University Medical Center has found that cinnamon can reverse brain damage in mice caused by Parkinson’s disease. This common food spice effectively treats biomechanical, cellular and anatomical changes in the brain.

Studies Suggest People Eat Healthier When The Workout Is Fun

A pair of studies performed by US and French institutions explains that if you can convince yourself that your exercise is a fun activity rather than a grueling task, you are more likely to maintain a healthier diet.

DARPAs Restoring Active Memory Program Poised To Launch

This week DARPA announced they have awarded funding to two more universities to aid them in launching their programs for restoring active memory - which is called 'Restoring Active Memory' (RAM).

Making A More Healthful Low-Fat Hot Dog

With grilling season upon us, many backyard cooks are turning to more healthful alternatives to their savored but fatty hot dogs.

Study Of Youth Sports Finds Being A Good Sport Ranks As The

If you think winning is one of the key determinants that makes organized sports fun for kids think again: Winning along with other mental bonuses ranked near the bottom of 81 determinants of fun, each of which falls into one of 11 big fun factors

Low Back Pain Not Caused By The Weather

Australian researchers reveal that sudden, acute episodes of low back pain are not linked to weather conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind direction and precipitation.

Go Play Outside

The World Health Organization recommends that youth participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) each day.

Smallpox Vials Discovered In A Federal Lab Closet

Smallpox is a deadly virus that was all but wiped off the face of the Earth in the late 1970s, but on Tuesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that random bottles of smallpox were found in at a federal lab near Washington, DC.

Newborn Night-Waking Has A Detrimental Health Impact On

One of the hardest parts of new parenthood is never getting enough sleep. Once an hour, every night, the baby cries out for food, comfort, or to be cleaned. Most new parents report feeling more exhausted in the morning than they did the night before.

Investigating The Impact Behavioral Factors Have On Life

Eating healthy, being physically active, limiting alcohol consumption and avoiding cigarettes could add 10 years to your life, public health physicians from the University of Zurich report in what is being called the first study to ever investigate the impact of behavioral factors on life expectancy in numbers.

Virulent Fungus Discovered In Recalled Chobani Yogurt

Chobani yogurt recalled in September 2013 was found to contain the most virulent form of a fungus called Mucor circinelloides, according to a new report published in the journal mBio.

Sleep Studies Find Contradictory Results Pertaining To Lunar

Besides anecdotal accounts of general human lunacy when the moon looms large in the night sky, there has been murmurs for some time in the scientific community that the Earth's natural satellite also affects our sleep. All studies thus far have been inconclusive.

The Green Movement NY And Washington State Legalize

When you read the words “Green Movement” chances are you think about renewable energy from solar panels, wind turbines and engines fueled by bio-diesel. But a different Green Movement made some major strides this week on opposite coasts of the United States.

Researchers Develop Diagnostic Toolkit For Menopause

Researchers have designed a toolkit to aid GPs in the diagnosis of menopause. This new technique, thought to be the first of its kind, is intended to be used with women 40 years of age and older to manage menopausal conditions.

Survey Reveals What Americans Are Really Stressed About The

While every American faces some form of stress, a new survey has found that medical-related issues are the primary driver of stress in the United States.

Expectant Women Unhappy With Medical Checkups Often Turn To

More people are turning to Internet sources for medical advice and information, and that includes pregnant women. A research team from Penn State found that pregnant women are unhappy with how often they have to turn to online sites with their medical questions.

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