August 13, 2007

Duane Reade Expands Diabetes Resource Center Offerings To Meet Public Demand

NEW YORK, Aug. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Duane Reade Holdings, Inc., the leading drug store chain in the New York metropolitan area, today announced it has expanded its service offering at the Duane Reade Diabetes Resource Center, a free comprehensive training and educational facility for patients with diabetes mellitus. Recognizing a growing need to provide New Yorkers with assistance and guidance in living with diabetes, Duane Reade has opened their diabetes support groups to all New Yorkers.

Following the request of Duane Reade Diabetes Resource Center class participants who wanted to continue learning and sharing with their fellow classmates and group members, Duane Reade has implemented monthly support groups. The Duane Reade Diabetes Resource Center support groups were originally offered only to those who had participated in the educational classes, but now the Company has extended its support group services to meet the needs of the participants and the community as a whole

"I have been going to the Duane Reade Diabetes Resource Center for some time now and am very happy with the staff and center's services," said a Duane Reade Diabetes Resource Center patron from Queens, New York. "The classes, taught by Kaliroi Brodin, R.Ph. and Joy Pape R.N., have been very educational and helpful. I have attended other programs, but have not enjoyed them or found them as useful as I find Duane Reade's classes. Kaliroi and Joy explain everything so well that I better understand my diabetes and how to best care for myself."

The Diabetes Resource Center continues to offer classes to educate New Yorkers and their families about diabetes. Classes are conveniently scheduled twice on Tuesdays, with one morning session and one evening session, and are administered in five two-hour sessions for the duration of a five week period. These classes aim to cultivate knowledge of the diabetes so that patients may better take charge of their health. Registration is required.

"We are delighted with New York's exceptional feedback and strong response to the Diabetes Resource Center, and are very pleased to expand our offering to continue to meet the needs of the community," said Kaliroi Brodin, BSc, ParmD, RPh, Duane Reade's Director of Health and Wellness Services. "Diabetes is a serious and growing disease in this city, and the expansion of this Center is a powerful step forward in ensuring Duane Reade's goal of promoting health and wellness for New Yorkers."

"Duane Reade's Diabetes Resource Center is an outstanding program giving people with diabetes the information and ability to take control and change diabetes in their lives," said Pat Quinn, Senior Director of Trade for Novo Nordisk. "Novo Nordisk is proud to support the Center as one of the many initiatives under our Changing Diabetes(SM) program."

Diabetes affects approximately 700,000 New Yorkers and almost a third are unaware they have the condition (1). More than 100,000 New Yorkers with very poorly controlled diabetes are at high risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, and amputations (1). Maintaining blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and weight in line with recommended healthy ranges, along with not smoking, will help prevent complications and promote healthy living.

The flagship Diabetes Resource Center, which was established in February 2007, will continue to offer its existing services, including scheduled appointments and walk-in services, personal consultation and training, diabetes risk assessments, and an on-site reference library. The Diabetes Resource Center and its services, managed by licensed pharmacists and certified diabetes educators, are open to the public and are free of charge. Participants need not be Duane Reade customers to make use of the services and classes. For more information on the Diabetes Resource Center or to sign up for an educational class, patients should call 1-866-913-8486/1-212-586-0354 or e-mail [email protected]

The Diabetes Resource Center is generously supported by Bayer, LifeScan, Novo Nordisk and Roche.

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