September 6, 2007

Trustmark Group Benefits Introduces ‘Wellness Coach’ Program

Building on the growing awareness that a healthy workforce is both more productive and less costly to insure, Trustmark Group Benefits announces the launch of Wellness Coach, a healthy-lifestyle program that offers unlimited, personalized coaching for every covered employee, and a $25 gift card of his or her choice as an incentive for participating.

Developed especially for Trustmark Group Benefits clients and their employees, Wellness Coach is a partnership between Trustmark and WellCallTM, one of the nation's leading providers of preventive health coaching and education services. The program encourages covered employees to take an active role in improving their health, by giving them the tools and personal support they need to change their lifestyles. Wellness Coach consists of three major steps:

Assessing the employee's current health. The Health AtoZ Health Assessment, located on Trustmark's Healthy Foundations web site, is easy to complete and keeps all of the employee's health information private.

Developing a personalized wellness plan. After completing the Health Assessment, the employee discusses the results with a WellCall Health Coach. Together they develop a personalized wellness program, including realistic goals and a detailed action plan.

Receiving a $25 gift card as a reward for participating. After discussing the Health Assessment with a WellCall Health Coach, the employee receives a $25 gift card.

Wellness Coach offers unlimited access to a personal Health Coach, referrals to pre-screened wellness providers and free educational materials. WellCall is uniquely qualified to answer employees' general health questions and assist in adopting healthy lifestyles. Their expertise includes weight management, smoking cessation, fitness and more.

Medical studies have shown that wellness coaching programs can benefit employees greatly. For example, smokers who had access to telephone counseling were twice as likely to quit and refrain from smoking (Tobacco Control 2004, Vol. 13, No. 1:85-86). In another study, low cholesterol dieters who received coaching reduced by their risk of cardiovascular disease events such as stroke or heart attack by 16 percent (Cardiovascular Reviews and Report, June 2003).

About Trustmark Group Benefits

Trustmark Group Benefits offers exceptional insurance products and services, such as major medical, prescription drug, dental, life and disability plans at competitive rates, for employer groups over 51 lives.

For more information about Wellness Coach or Trustmark Group Benefits, contact Steve Salzman, AVP Marketing at [email protected] or (847) 283-2394.

About WellCall

WellCall delivers wellness solutions that change and improve the way people live their lives. Founded in 1997, WellCall executives have extensive experience in Human Resource Management, public health and health policy, giving them unique insight into what motivates individuals to make positive lifestyle changes and what delivers results for companies.

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