September 6, 2007

Jackson Memorial Hospital Uses State-of-the-Art Technology to Drive Improved Patient Outcomes for South Florida Families

Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH), part of Jackson Memorial Health System, South Florida's leading/largest healthcare provider, recently implemented 11 Cerner Millennium® solutions. This marks the hospital's first step in a multi-stage healthcare information technology implementation. With Cerner Millennium® solutions, JMH clinicians now have access to real-time resources to better manage patient care with improved access to cross-department information, evidence-based clinical decision support and streamlined hospitals operations.

"Cerner is pleased to partner with Jackson Memorial Hospital, an institution continually ranked as one of the best hospitals in America," said Trace Devanny, Cerner -- president. "JMH's decision to implement a solution-oriented information technology system reinforces its vision to improve healthcare communitywide. Cerner worked together with JMH to implement multiple Cerner Millennium solutions specifically designed for various roles, venues and conditions that will ultimately improve the patient experience."

To assist with a smooth implementation, JMH utilized the Cerner Bedrock™ system. Bedrock uses a series of intuitive wizards to guide users through the build and maintenance process of implementing solutions on the unified Cerner Millennium architecture. The Cerner Millennium architecture is a healthcare information technology computing platform that helps health professionals elevate safety, quality and efficiency. To date, Cerner has more than 6,700 live Millennium applications at more than 1,100 facilities.

JMH's implementation of Cerner Millennium solutions impacts a multitude of different roles and venues across the hospital, including nursing, clinician documentation, pharmacy and radiology, among others. JMH implemented the following solutions based on the Cerner Millennium architecture which enables clinicians across multiple roles and venues to access vital information in real time for effective decision-making.

Electronic Medical Records

JMH is utilizing Cerner's PowerChart® solution to create a multi-dimensional electronic medical record (EMR) that spans role and venue. The seamless access of PowerChart allows the JMH care team to deliver a higher level of patient care by being able to access up-to-the-minute information about a patient's condition from multiple locations in the hospital. Authorized JMH physicians, nurses, pharmacists and business office personnel can all access one patient record at the same time -- an impossible task with a cumbersome paper chart.


By using Cerner's CareNet® nursing documentation, JMH is providing a powerful safety net for patients by allowing care team members to communicate seamlessly at all times. The CareNet solution improves nursing workflow by automating processes and prompting care with reminders for each task. Since nurses can chart and document in real time from multiple stations at JMH, they can provide other members of the care team with a more complete picture of the patient's condition, ultimately allowing them to deliver better care.


Cerner's PharmNet® solution automates pharmacy operations and care processes, ensuring patients get the right medication at the right time, reducing the potential for medication errors. Through the PharmNet solution, pharmacists can monitor patients around the clock with knowledge-driven alerts, share information directly with other caregivers and manage point-of-care medication storage, inventory and administration. JMH is also using the EasyScript® solution to automate the medication prescription process.


JMH radiologists will be able to manage information and simplify workflow with Cerner's RadNet® solution. The RadNet solution unifies the radiology department by bringing together registration, order entry, worklist management, image interpretation, image and result distribution and business analysis. The solution also includes decision support tools and access to vital clinical information, empowering JMH clinicians to provide informed patient care.

Health Information Management

To increase productivity and improve management control over operations performed by medical records personnel, JMH implemented Cerner's ProFile® solution. ProFile allows JMH to mange paper files, scanned document images and computerized records within one application. The solution improves patient care by housing all patient documentation in one place, as well as improving staff efficiency by organizing information electronically.

Access Management

Cerner's Access Management solutions streamline registration, scheduling, benefits checking and eligibility management. Patients at JMH will no longer need to provide demographic information at multiple points in the hospital system. Now, patients only need to provide their information once and it is then distributed electronically to the appropriate departments. JMH implemented the following Cerner Access Management solutions:

Enterprise Eligibility Management for patient insurance verification;

Enterprise Master Person Index for creating a central data repository;

Enterprise Registration Management for patient registration; and

Enterprise Scheduling Management for scheduling appointments in various departments across the hospital system.

Emergency Department

JMH implemented Cerner's FirstNet® solution to handle the complexities of tracking and managing patients in the Emergency Department (ED). The FirstNet solution allows EDs to connect clinical and financial information throughout the emergency encounter. Embedded, real-time, decision-support capabilities make Cerner's FirstNet solution the ED's most powerful solution. Developed for ED clinicians by ED clinicians, the FirstNet solution will help the JMH ED automate such functions as registration, triage, tracking, orders, documentation and charge capture.

Remote Hosting

CernerWorks Remote Hosting Option (RHO) provides secure hosting, hardware, connectivity and HIT expertise for data housed in state-of-the-art technology centers. CernerWorks RHO manages the most sophisticated and powerful HIT solutions available today, achieving superior performance and increased security, reliability and scalability. By choosing CernerWorks RHO offering, JMH is able to utilize Cerner administrative, clinical and patient care solutions without the upfront capital and resource investment required to build, maintain and secure an HIT infrastructure. CernerWorks handles the day-to-day proactive monitoring and management of servers, databases and Cerner applications, allowing JMH to focus on business-critical issues rather than data management concerns.

Building on the momentum of the first implementation phase, JMH will install Cerner's PowerNote™ ED for physician documentation in the emergency department, SurgiNet® for coordination of surgery and anesthesia, and electronic medication administration reconciliation (eMAR) and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) solutions in the second and third stages of the phased implementation process.

Jackson Memorial Hospital is a 1,558-bed tertiary care hospital located in Miami. It is the major teaching facility for the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine as well as the home of the Ryder Trauma Center, the only adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma center in Miami-Dade county.

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