November 25, 2004

Those Were The Days; How High Can the Price of Medicine Go?

The senior citizen is worried about his or her medicine expenses going higher and higher. Is there no end to it?

I know I'm about ready to panic. One of my medications jumped $20 on me, since my last purchase. What will it be the next jump?

These pill pushers don't want us pill takers to get our medicine from Canada, where we can save a buck. They give us the old story about the Canadian supply may not be safe. Though Canada and America get their medicine from the same companies. The pharmaceutical companies are looking at the profit angle from the wrong angle.

Now, to make a good profit over a longer time period, they should leave prices at a reasonable rate, so we old folks could afford all the medicines we need to keep us going.

We could pay our heating bill this winter and relatives not find us frozen, no heat. Sorry, medicine man, a frozen customer won't need you any longer.

Same about food. If you don't ease up, we can't buy food; we starve. Sorry, mister grocer, we can't buy food, the medicine man is taking our money.

Keep the old ones as healthy and active as possible, and they will keep buying. You can keep selling them medicine. I think my idea is great. I think I'll pass my thoughts on to insurance people, HMOs, doctors.

Dentist, went to one, recently, had a tooth pulled, cost me $67. Sorry, Wal-Mart, the dentist took a bite out of my wallet.

The first tooth I ever had pulled cost me $1, coal company scrip. Know what scrip is? It's almost like real money.

So, medicine man, give a fair shake, and we will keep on keeping on for a loooong time. Come on! Make us happy.