November 25, 2004

Research and Markets: View the Only Complete Reference to the American Health Care Industry and Its Leading Corporations

This Health Care Industry Almanac is the Only Complete Reference to the American Health Care Industry and Its Leading Corporations. Whatever Your Purpose for Researching the Health Care Field, You'll Find This Massive Book to Be a Valuable Guide. No Other Source Provides This Book's Easy-to-Understand Comparisons of National Health Expenditures, Emerging Technologies, Patient Populations, Imports, Exports, Corporations, Research, Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Outpatient Surgery, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Diagnostics and Many Other Areas of Vital Importance. Included in the Market Research Sections Are Dozens of Statistical Tables Covering Every Aspect of the Industry, from Medicare Expenditures to Hospital Utilization, from Insured and Uninsured Populations to Revenues to Health Care Expenditures as a Percent Of GDP. A Special Area Covers Vital Statistics and Health Status of The U.S. Population. Included is an Analysis of Medical and Health Technologies and Information Systems.

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of The Health Care Industry Almanac 2005 to their offering

The corporate analysis section features in-depth profiles of the 500 major for-profit firms (which we call "The Health Care 500") within the many industry sectors that make up the health care system, from the leading companies in pharmaceuticals to the major managed care companies. Details for each corporation include executives by title, phone, fax, website, address, growth plans, divisions, subsidiaries, brand names, competitive advantage and financial results.

This exciting, award-winning book (which comes with a database on CD-ROM) is a complete reference tool for everything you need to know about the medical business, its trends, technologies and leading companies, including:

-- Healthcare trends analysis

-- Managed care, HMOs, PPOs, provider systems

-- Medicare and Medicaid, including recent reforms and their meaning

-- Pharmaceuticals over the counter drugs and generic drugs

-- Medical technologies, including imaging and diagnostics

-- Breakthroughs in such areas as cancer treatment and artificial organs

-- Health information systems, including patient information systems and other uses of information technology in the medical industry

-- Hospital utilization, medical markets and national healthcare costs

-- Outpatient surgery and clinics

-- Health industry growth statistics and trends

-- Employee health benefits trends and costs, including health savings accounts

-- Medical supplies, support and delivery

In one superb, value-priced package, you'll find a complete overview, industry analysis and market research report. This book includes statistical tables, a health care industry glossary, health care industry contacts and associations and thorough indexes. The corporate profiles section of the book includes our proprietary, in-depth profiles of the 500 leading companies in all facets of the health care, managed care, health products, supplies and pharmaceuticals business.

"...This volume is a comprehensive, one-stop source for researchers of all types...This almanac provides great facts and great comparisons in an easy-to-understand format. Prepare to be amazed."

American Reference Books Annual

"Includes the latest statistics on health care trends, including the medical industry's growth rates...Highly recommended for corporate, academic, and community library...reference collections."

Midwest Book Review

"True to the publisher's claim, this is the only complete guide to the health care industry in the U.S... Highly recommended."

CHOICE magazine

"...Makes it easy to understand managed care, medical finances and the technology behind today's health care. Business people, marketers, researchers and professionals...who need in-depth information on the health care industry can benefit from this unique resource."

Whatever your purpose for researching the health care field, you'll find this book to be a valuable guide. Nonetheless, as is true with all resources, this volume has limitations that the reader should be aware of:

-- Financial data and other corporate information can change quickly. A book of this type can be no more current than the data that was available as of the time of editing. Consequently, the financial picture, management and ownership of the firm(s) you are studying may have changed since the date of this book. For example, this almanac includes the most up-to-date sales figures and profits available to the editors as of late-2004. That means that we have typically used corporate financial data as of the end of 2003.

-- Corporate mergers, acquisitions and downsizing are occurring at a very rapid rate. Such events may have created significant change, subsequent to the publishing of this book, within a company you are studying.

-- Some of the companies in THE HEALTH CARE 500 are so large in scope and in variety of business endeavors conducted within a parent organization, that we have been unable to completely list all subsidiaries, affiliations, divisions and activities within a firm's corporate structure.

-- This volume is intended to be a general guide to a rapidly changing industry. That means that researchers should look to this book for an overview and, when conducting in-depth research, should contact the specific corporations or industry associations in question for the very latest changes and data. Where possible, we have listed contact names, toll-free telephone numbers and World Wide Web site addresses for the companies, government agencies and industry associations involved so that the reader may get further details without unnecessary delay.

-- Tables of industry data and statistics used in this book include the latest numbers available at the time of printing, generally through the end of 2003. In a few cases, the only complete data available was for earlier years.

-- We have used exhaustive efforts to locate and fairly present accurate and complete data. However, when using this book or any other source for business and industry information, the reader should use caution and diligence by conducting further research where it seems appropriate. We wish you success in your endeavors, and we trust that your experience with this book will be both satisfactory and productive

The contents of this report is as follows:

Chapter 1: Major Trends Affecting the Health Care Industry

Chapter 2: Apparel & Textiles Industry Statistics

Chapter 3: Important Health Care Industry Contacts

Chapter 4: THE HEALTH CARE 500:

-- Who They Are and How They Were Chosen

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