November 25, 2004

Research And Markets: Study This Comprehensive Directory On Disease Management In 2004

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Disease Management Directory 2004 to their offering

The 2004 Disease Management Directory and Guidebook features:

-- All-new directory listings indexed by disease state;

-- In-depth DM case studies covering a wide array of disease states;

-- Outcomes reports that quantify return-on-investment of specific DM approaches;

-- A listing of key DM Internet sites;

-- An extensive section on the latest disease management trends and tools.

This 600+ page directory provides a one-stop who's who of the DM industry.

The directory section features 161 DM vendors and consultants, along with managed care organizations using DM programs.

The listings include each organization's address, phone, fax and e-mail/URL addresses; contact name; diseases managed; services and programs; number of covered lives in DM programs; how long the organization has operated in DM; names of clients and partners; forms of payment accepted; and geographical areas covered.

There also is a separate index of these organizations by disease state.

The contents of this report are as follows:

I. Trends and Tools

II. Disease Management Internet Resources

III. Disease Management Vendors

IV. MCOs with Disease Management Programs

V. Consultants and Related Organizations

VI. Index of Organizations by Disease State

VII. Case Studies

- Asthma

- Autoimmune Diseases

- Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

- Cancer

- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

- Complex Care

- Diabetes

- End-Stage Renal Disease

- Frail Elderly

- Heart Attack

- Heart Disease & Related Topics

- HIV/Aids

- Hypertension

- Infant Care

- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

- Long Term Care

- Obesity

- Osteoporosis

- Stroke

VIII. Outcomes

- Outcomes Measurement and Reporting

- Asthma

- Cancer

- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

- Diabetes

- Heart Disease & Related Topics

- Hyperlipidemia

- Infant Care

- Medicaid Programs

- Pharmacy

- Pregnancy

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