November 26, 2004

Move to Check Bogus Sinsehs

JOHOR BARU, Thurs. - To check the problem of bogus sinsehs, the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Medicine Dealers Associations of Malaysia (FCPMDAM) will now require anyone wanting to do a course in traditional Chinese medicine to have a minimum Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia qualification.

Federation secretary Thong Choong Khat said the new entry requirements would be enforced next year.

He said the ruling was in line with steps to raise the quality of education in Chinese medicine.

Previously, he noted, there was no entry qualification for candidates keen on taking up short and intermediate courses in Chinese medicine.

"This has led to a deterioration in standards. Anyone, irrespective of his educational background, was free to take up the courses. We want to stop this practice. There is a dire need to set standards or people will lose confidence in Chinese traditional treatment and medicine," he said.

Thong said the Federation now also required those pursuing advanced diplomas in Chinese medicine to have a Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia, and was also stepping-up the registration of Chinese traditional medicine practitioners.

Chinese traditional medicine practitioners are divided into two categories - Chinese physicians and Chinese traditional healers.

The latter include foot reflexologists, traditional chiropractors and sports masseurs.

Thong reminded those who had registered their Chinese medicine with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau to register their products again online with the bureau by April 30 next year.

He said those who did not risked having their product registration numbers erased, which would mean their products would no longer be recognised by the bureau.