November 27, 2004

Hands-on Help: Life Skills: That Nagging Resolution

How many times have you told yourself that you're going to exercise on a regular basis? I do this on a regular basis: I say I'm going to get disciplined in the area of discipline.

We all know that an aerobic workout relieves stress, clears the mind, cranks up some healthy endorphins, and french fries the couch potato in us. We also know that with all the other good things we're supposed to be doing, exercise is often the one thing that gets the short end of the pogo stick. So for what it's worth, here are a few ideas to get you sweating (no, eating really hot enchiladas isn't in the top five).

Start slow and be realistic. Running a marathon will come later; for now just work on being consistent.

Work exercise into your life. Don't make major changes in your schedule. I keep a few free weights in my office, and every other day I fit in time for a workout.

Be creative; don't get into a rut. Use the changing seasons to keep you motivated. Play indoor sports in the winter, and get outside in the warmer months. Pick things you enjoy doing, and plug them into your schedule early-or the tyranny of the urgent will get you every time.

Team up with others. Let your friends help you stay on track. Walking with someone is one of the best ways to stay in shape.

Remember that something is better than nothing. Stick with it...and next time use the stairs.

STEVE MERRITT Contributing editor

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