November 27, 2004

The Answer to Cancer

A selection of new and notable books of scientific interest



Because cancer is the cause of death for more people between the ages of 45 and 64 than anything else, there's an unprecedented effort to detect and stop it before it gets a foothold, in that vein, there has been a surge in new drugs and surgeries as well as use of nutrients and supplements to ward off cancer. Runowicz, a noted oncologist, teams with her physician husband Cherry and writer Lange to help people understand the types of cancer-preventing treatments on the market as well as an individual's risk for getting a cancer. The authors point out that "one-third of cancers result from smoking, one-third from diet, and one-third from environmental and occupational causes." All these factors are considered in the book as the authors survey a wealth of data to provide a "reality check" about what individuals can and can't do to lower cancer risk. Specifically, the authors look at each of nine cancers-including prostate, skin, lung, breast, and colorectal-providing a general overview of and details about who's at risk, what the causes are, how physicians screen for it, and prevention strategies are ranging from a change in diet to surgery, in addition to pointing to things such as fruits, vegetables, and green tea as proven cancer fighters, the book also points out that some other things, such as vitamin E supplements, have proven not to prevent, but actually to promote cancer. An initial chapter provides a general overview of cancer, and a concluding section considers some general changes in lifestyle that anyone interested in warding off cancer or a multitude of other diseases should consider. Rodale Pr Inc, 2004, 290 p., b&w Illus., hardcover, $24.95.

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