November 28, 2004

Sri Lanka Hosts 42nd World Congress of Medicina Alternativa

Sri Lanka hosts 42nd World Congress of Medicina Alternativa

COLOMBO, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- The 42nd World Congress of Medicina Alternativa hosted by Sri lanka opened here Saturday.

During the congress, two people who practice Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) will be nominated for the candidate of Alfred Nobel Prize.

Anton Jayasuriya, chairperson of the Congress, said that a committee has been appointed to examine the suitability of persons for the laureateship and subsequently they will be recommended to the Alfred Nobel Prize Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, for the Medicine and Physiology Prize.

He said that the committee, consisted of competent persons selected from each country, will announce the two names whom they recommend for laurels, adding that candidates selected will be awarded master's degree laureateships for CAM from this year.

The Nobel Foundation in Sweden has conceded that CAM practitioners are eligible to be nominated for the Alfred Nobel Prize after Jayasuriya's unremitting efforts over the past two decade to achieve the equitable opportunity for those who practice CAM.

Jayasuriya presided over the opening ceremony at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, whose construction was aided by China, and he welcomed the delegates from 140 countries including Brazil, Mexico, the United State, Sweden, South Africa and China.

The meeting to be held from Nov. 27 to 30 will have a wide ranging discussions in the fields of the traditional medicines and natural treatment, ways to spread the CAM, health promotion and protection, alternative medicine in the prevention of cancer and other aspects.

The delegates will also visit the oldest Allopathy Hospital and Medical College in Asia, the Samuel Fiske Green Memorial Hospital in Manipay, which is 154 years old.

"Medicina Alternativa" is an international organization created under the auspices of the World Health Organization and Unicef.

The aims of "Medicina Alternativa" is to promote the study of scientific development and the professional practice of alternative medicines, to increase public interest through alternative medicines and all other practical auxiliary disciplines in this sector.