November 29, 2004

Gordian Health Solutions CEO Will Present at Consumer Directed Health Care Conference and Expo

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- A new emphasis on consumerism is expanding interest in the tools to lead a healthier lifestyle. Acknowledging Gordian Health Solutions, Inc. as a recognized leader in population health management, the Emergent Group has asked Gordian CEO Gregg O. Lehman, PhD, to present a case study at the "Consumer Directed Health Care Conference & Expo," Nov. 29 - Dec. 1 in Washington, D.C.

"Gordian is known for tools to analyze health status, health management programs and services, and unparalleled results reporting and tracking capabilities," says Skip Brickley, CEO of the Emergent Group and producer of the conference. "Gregg Lehman's expertise will be a tremendous asset to our attendees."

The conference attracts key stakeholders in consumer driven health care: employers, providers, health plans, pharmacy and technology leaders. Keynote speakers include Newt Gingrich in his role as founder of the Center for Health Transformation.

Rising health costs are driving employers to transfer more responsibility for health care decisions to employees. Population health management allows employers to assess risks for health issues among the employee population, and then recommend health interventions. By educating and actively coaching participants-from those at low-risk through high risk, including those who are already filing health claims-Gordian programs tackle issues such as smoking, obesity, and chronic disease that devour health care dollars.

Lehman will participate Tuesday on a panel entitled "Totally Redefining Consumer Directed Healthcare -- A Case Study of Company Culture -- Driving Employee Benefits and Employee Satisfaction."

"Many factors play a significant role in the effectiveness of health, lifestyle and disease management program participation," Lehman says. "If the program is not well communicated, employees are not likely to engage out of ignorance, apathy, or suspicion. Management style, employees' trust in management and nuances of the work sector all impact program participation and effectiveness."

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