November 29, 2004

All Antiperspirants to Carry FDA Warning Labels

TEMPE, Ariz., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning December 9, 2004, all antiperspirants containing aluminum and aluminum compounds must carry a mandated Federal Drug Administration (FDA) "black box" label that warns consumers of the potential health hazards of aluminum and to keep the products away from children. In response to the warnings, 21st Century Healthcare, Inc., is launching their innovative product, Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! -- the first value-priced aluminum-free deodorant, without added alcohol, dyes or artificial bactericides -- as a safe, affordable alternative to name-brand antiperspirants.

According to the FDA, persons with renal dysfunction " ... have impairment in normal renal excretion of aluminum." Thus, the FDA " ... considers it prudent to alert these people to consult a doctor before using or continuing to use these products that contain aluminum on a regular basis." The resulting FDA warning label will read, "Ask your doctor before use if you have kidney disease."

"Consumers need to know of the potential harmful effects of using aluminum-laden antiperspirants," said Steve Snyder, president and CEO of 21st Century Healthcare, Inc. "In turn, we have developed an effective, low-priced aluminum-free deodorant line they can use without fear for their overall health -- or the safety of their children. Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! is such a product line."

All Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! products contain Lichen, a natural botanical which inhibits odor causing bacteria. The Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! product line is hypoallergenic and does not contain aluminum, alcohol, dyes or artificial bactericides. All Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! products are all natural and do not contain parabens, another harsh chemical found in most deodorants. There are three unique clear formulations, Aloe Fresh, Sport and Clear Unscented.

According to the "Rose Sheet," a respected weekly trade publication with specialized coverage of regulatory, legislative, scientific, retail, financial, marketing and legal news for executives in the toiletries, fragrances and skin care industries, the FDA is concerned that young children and those with immature renal function are " ... at a higher risk resulting from any exposure to aluminum ... " The FDA is requiring all products containing aluminum " ... to inform parents and others to keep these products away from children and to seek professional assistance if accidental ingestion occurs." Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! is safe for children's use.

"The makers of Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! not only removed 'questionable and harsh' ingredients but they also imbued the product line with a bouquet of healthy herbal ingredients like Chamomile, Vitamin A&E, Tea Tree Oil, and Aloe," said William Grundemann, an authority in natural deodorants for over 20 years. "It is simple ... out with the bad and in with the good."

The deodorants are being purchased by health-minded consumers from teens to baby boomers to the geriatric population who are fearful about possible links of aluminum to Alzheimer's or other diseases.

Herbal Clear(R) Naturally! deodorant products can be found in over 10,000 food, drug and mass retailers and independent pharmacies nation-wide, including such well-known retailers as selected Walgreens, GNC, Target, Hy-Vee, Meijers, or Brooks.

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