November 29, 2004

BeFitLifestyle to Offer Metabolism Measurement Program

SAN DIEGO and ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- New Leaf Health and Fitness Products announced today that BeFitLifestyle is now an authorized New Leaf services provider, part of an elite group of health clubs and training facilities able to offer effective and personalized exercise and weight loss plans based on an individual's metabolism.

"We're pleased to welcome BeFitLifestyle to the select group of fitness facilities that are moving exercise training into the 21st century by implementing the New Leaf metabolic assessment system. BeFitLifestyle had its staff complete advanced training recognized and accredited by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), on using metabolic markers to create personalized training and exercise programs," said Terry Kapsen, New Leaf Vice President. "This proven technology really is the science behind exercise. Programs based on the New Leaf metabolic measurement system help achieve weight management, fitness and athletic performance goals according to one's metabolism. BeFitLifestyle's clients will know how many calories a day they can eat without gaining weight and how hard to exercise to burn fat or improve their fitness and endurance."

"We've been a leader in providing this technology to hospitals, clinics and elite human performance centers such as NASA and Olympic training centers worldwide for over 25 years through our sister business, Medical Graphics Corporation," said Kapsen. "Now that the New Leaf system is available and affordable, we anticipate a broad acceptance of our technology as the preferred exercise and weight loss program."

BeFitLifestyle is unique because it's a health and fitness business, not a corporate membership club. BeFitLifestyle professionals are certified and trained to tailor programs for an individuals specific goals and needs through personal training, nutritional counseling and group activities such as run/walk groups, circuit training and educational workshops. For more information about BeFitLifestyle visit or call (619) 491-0139. For more information on New Leaf programs visit .

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