November 30, 2004

Stay Warm This Winter

As the weather cools down, resist the urge to hibernate. Staying active will improve your circulation and keep your immune system functioning at peak levels. The weather is no excuse for being lazy! If it's too cold to work out outdoors, there are plenty of other ways you can burn calories. Check out the Nutricise tips below:

Step it up! Do a basic stepping routine on your own staircase (burning roughly 11 calories per minute) by going up and down on the first step for as long as you're able. You can also climb your stairs creatively, taking them two at a time, hopping up them, or walking up them with a slightly wider-than-usual stance to tone your legs and glutes.

Make it a Blockbuster night! Rent a workout video from the video store. There are all different types available, different styles and various intensity levels too. Invite a few friends over and workout in the comfort of your (or your friend's) home.

Get moving! You can try joining a gym or perhaps your local community center has a workout room you can use for a small fee. Then you can bike, walk, run, ski, or do aerobics all in the same four walls.

Shop til ya drop! Not literally, of course. If you enjoy walking, find an indoor mall and window-shop as you walk. Many malls are open early in the morning and later in the evening (even after stores close) for this very purpose!

No sweat! Go swimming. Yes, it can be done, even in the winter. If there's an indoor pool in your area, you burn calories and build muscle by swimming or doing water aerobics. That's a refreshing way to work up a sweat!

Team up. Join your neighborhood or town’s local basketball or other sports team, and attend regular practices. There are also many winter sports and activities you can participate in, such as skiing, sledding, skating, even shoveling! That will turn exercise into a social event for you too!

Get on your dancing shoes and hit the town. You can even turn on some music in your living room and dance to your heart's content with no one watching!