December 1, 2004

Research and Markets: Osteoporosis and HRT Market Forecast to Grow to $17.9 Billion By 2014

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Commercial Insight: Osteoporosis and HRT - Novel Osteoporosis Drugs Counter Generic Threat While HRT Players Regroup and Move Forward to their offering

The osteoporosis and HRT market was valued at $8.3 billion in 2003 and is forecast to grow to $17.9 billion by 2014, driven by a number of novel osteoporosis drug launches before 2009. Since the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), the HRT market has been in decline and nonhormonal osteoporosis drugs have partially realized the opportunity to increase market share and value, further boosting sector growth.

Key drug launches in the osteoporosis market include the introduction of longinterval dosing bisphosphonates and novel SERMs. The added revenue of novel drugs in the market will offset the impact of the genericization of major brands, including Fosamax, Evista and Actonel, during the forecast period. Players in the HRT market face challenging conditions, but are developing their product offering to cater for the demand for the tailored treatment of menopausal symptoms.

This report details epidemiology of female and male osteoporosis in the seven major markets and also provides country specific forecasts based on IMS MIDAS data of key ATC classes A11C2; G3C; G3E; G3F; H4A; H4V; M5B1; M5B2; M5B9/

An analysis of WHI impact on the osteoporosis and HRT market and portfolio management strategy in hormone therapy is also provided.

Case Studies provided in this report include:

Wyeth Hrt Portfolio Strategy - Preserving The Premarin Brand And Gambling On New Molecules


Bazedoxifene And Trimegestone

Nps Pre-Launch Strategy For Preos - Piggybacking Kineret Detailing Activity

Chugai Cornering The Japanese Market

Merck's Fosamax Launch Activity

Heavy Phase Iv Activity Among Top Three Drugs

Combination Trials With Forteo, Evista And Fosamax

Impact Of The Whi On Non-Hormonal Osteoporosis Drugs

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