October 2, 2007

Human Services, Education Top Houston’s Charitable Causes, Greater Houston Community Foundation Survey Shows

Houstonians are quite charitable, especially when it comes to giving to human services and education causes, according to a recent study of donor grants conducted by the Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF). From January 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007, philanthropists at all levels gave more than $83 million in grants through GHCF to human services, education, public benefit, health, religion and other charities. Over the 18-month period, GHCF also found that giving preferences differ distinctly between older and younger philanthropists. (www.ghcf.org)

The Top 10 List of Charitable Causes Donated Through GHCF:

1. Human Services ($27,447,086)

2. Education ($19,816,048)

3. Public Benefit ($10,885,431)

4. Health ($10,128,988)

5. Religion ($7,933,040)

6. Arts ($3,386,250)

7. Environment ($3,153,262)

8. International ($772,578)

9. Other ($221,474)

10. Disaster Relief ($3,215)

"Houston is a community of people who are always willing to help," said Steve Maislin, president and CEO of GHCF. "Never was that more publicly demonstrated than in the outpouring of time and money given during both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. However, during times when there are no major calls for disaster relief, Houstonians gravitate mostly toward education and helping people with basic needs like food and shelter."

Maislin added that while the Top 10 list shows how Houston philanthropists give in general, there is a distinct difference between how older and younger donors give.

"Older philanthropists -- those in their 60s or older -- tend to give to the same charities that they or their families have been giving to for years. The next generation of philanthropists knows the causes in which it wants to make an impact, but is not sure to what specific charities it should be giving. Through GHCF and our DonorHouston website (www.donorhouston.org), GHCF is able to help all donors find the right charities that align with their passions and set their charitable giving plans for generations to come," Maislin said.

The Top 10 list is divided into categories including human services, which comprises organizations that aid families or provide housing, shelter or food, among other services; education, which includes both public and private schools and universities; public benefit organizations, including those addressing civil rights, community development and philanthropy; and health, encompassing hospitals and research centers.

About the Greater Houston Community Foundation

The Greater Houston Community Foundation (GHCF) uniquely serves the Houston community by combining community knowledge and donor passion to help individuals and families achieve their lasting philanthropic goals. Our experienced, professional staff works with each donor to assist him or her in meeting specific charitable objectives while enjoying optimal tax benefits. For more information, visit www.ghcf.org.