Diabetes Increases Risk Of Developing Alzheimer's
September 21, 2011

Diabetes Increases Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s


Japanese researchers have found that diabetes dramatically increases a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia.

The researchers found that people with diabetes were twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease within 15 years.  The study included over 1,000 participants over the age of 60.

Dr Yutaka Kiyohara from the Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan, who carried out the research, said in a statement: "Our findings emphasize the need to consider diabetes as a potential risk factor for dementia. 

"Diabetes is a common disorder, and the number of people with it has been growing in recent years all over the world. Controlling diabetes is now more important than ever."

The team found that of the 150 participants who had diabetes, 41 developed dementia, compared to the 115 of the 559 people without diabetes. 

The researchers also found that among the 308 people with pre-diabetes, 76 developed dementia.

“It´s really important for the public health to understand that diabetes is a significant risk factor for all of these types of dementia,” Rachel Whitmer, PhD, an epidemiologist in the research division of Kaiser Permanente Northern California, said in a statement.

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes affects close to 26 million children and adults in the U.S. with 7 million of them undiagnosed.

The study was published in the medical journal Neurology.


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