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Cosmetic Bootcamp University Leads the Way in Training Core Specialists

September 22, 2011

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Cosmetic Bootcamp is pleased to announce that its mission of training specialists has expanded in the number of courses offered as well as locations. “The success of our main meeting (held in July) as well as of our textbook has really helped get our message of education out to the core aesthetic physicians,” says Dr. Kenneth Beer, one of the founding Board members.

Planned to train residents and fellows in dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and head and neck surgery, Cosmetic Bootcamp University helps these physicians learn proper techniques with the goals of improving patient outcomes and communication.

“Recent suggestions that cosmetic procedures should only be performed by board certified plastic surgeons are misleading,” states Dr. Mary Lupo, Founding Director of the Cosmetic Bootcamp.

“Other core aesthetic specialists like board certified dermatologists have pioneered and perfected many non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as injectables. The CBC mission is to help all core specialists continue to deliver state of the art results in a safe manner to their patients,” states Dr. Vic Narurkar, Founding Director of the Cosmetic Bootcamp.

More information may be found at www.cosmeticbootcamp.com.

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