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Transcriptome Viewer – Comprehensive Genome-wide Map of Human Gene Expression Activity Released for Public by MediSapiens

September 29, 2011

HELSINKI, Finland, September 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

MediSapiens Ltd [http://www.medisapiens.com ], a Finnish bioinformatics
company, has released the most comprehensive map of human gene expression
yet for public use. The data is available through a graphical tool,
Transcriptome Viewer
[http://www.medisapiens.com/transcriptome-viewer-overview ], at the home page
of MediSapiens Ltd [http://www.medisapiens.com ], allowing exploration of
the expression activity of genes across chromosomes in tens of healthy human
tissues. Since the sequencing of the human genome, understanding which genes
are expressed in which tissues and diseases has been recognized as a key
step towards understanding the gene’s functions. From a genetic point of
view the expression activity of a gene is a fundamental requirement for its
potential function to be fulfilled and therefore one crucial piece in the
big puzzle of how human cells work in health and disease.

http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20110929/484557 )

“The beauty and simplicity of this compilation of human gene expression
activity is stunning, providing comprehensive and straightforward answers to
where and when genes are expressed”, comments Tommi Pisto, CEO of
MediSapiens Ltd [http://www.medisapiens.com ].

Data upon which this tool is built were collected from public science
and in itself it is the largest fully integrated gene expression collection
in the world. “The most notable fact about this data collection is that it
combines the best parts of the efforts of the global biomedical research
community in understanding gene expression activity”, adds Sami Kilpinen,
CSO of MediSapiens Ltd [http://www.medisapiens.com ].

The entire wealth of over 300 million data points of manually curated
and fully integrated gene expression information is available from IST
Online [http://www.medisapiens.com/ist-online-overview ](R). With the
graphical tools available in IST Online
[http://www.medisapiens.com/ist-online-overview ] one can explore genome-wide
expression profiles of over 20,000 samples, containing for example more than
13,000 in vivo cancer patient profiles.

MediSapiens Ltd

MediSapiens Ltd, a bioinformatics company developing inspiring?web
applications for genomics researchers, pharmaceutical industry and for
personalized medicine, hosts the world’s largest unified gene expression
database. With the data online, oncologists can evaluate a patient’s genetic
signature for an optimized treatment strategy, and scientists can understand
how genes work across all human tissues. For more information visit
http://www.medisapiens.com or email contact@medisapiens.com



SOURCE MediSapiens Ltd.

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