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Love Hormone Leading to More Intimacy for Men and Women

October 19, 2011

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Forget Viagra — more and more couples are turning to a hormone called oxytocin to save their sex lives.

A chemical that is released in the brain during moments of human bonding and is available in synthetic form over the counter, oxytocin is enjoying booming sales amid growing evidence that it facilitates a more stimulating, satisfying sex life.

“When you can be with your mate for 30 or 40 minutes, and then go at it again after that, it’s really something,” Danny Saul, a 48-year-old jewelry retailer in Claremore, Okla., who started taking an off-label oxytocin supplement a year ago, told The Daily. “And the orgasms are much more intense.”

The chemical nicknamed the “cuddle hormone” also ameliorates levels of trust and contentment, and reduces anxiety — fostering superior conditions for love-making.

Indeed, studies have indicated that oxytocin can help men recover from impotence, and that women with higher levels of natural oxytocin tend to have longer, healthier romantic relationships.

Prior to taking the supplements, Saul was having trouble in the bedroom — and his confidence in romantic relationships was faltering. After enduring three divorces, Saul was single for eight years because he feared making another personal connection.

“At my age, you don’t want to lose confidence.”

It was only when he started using Oxytocin Factor, at first as a nasal spray and then via twice-a-day drops under his tongue, that Saul said his attitude shifted and he fell in love with his new girlfriend of a year, Jennifer.

Now that she’s using oxytocin, too, they claim their relationship has climaxed — quite often.

“Absolutely, it’s worth a try,” Eric Braverman, a New York physician who recommends an oxytocin supplement to patients struggling in relationships, told The Daily. “And we know that people produce less oxytocin as they get older, so for them to stay intimate, a supplement can be a godsend.”

Some women with sky-high stress levels also credit oxytocin supplements with improved relationships, both emotional and physical.

“I’m not going to tell you our sex life was good; in bed and both on laptops, tying up loose ends, was our version of sex,” Lisa Lynn, a personal trainer and mother of two in Norwalk, Conn., told The Daily about harried day-to-day life with her husband, Jeff. “I’ve seen a transformation.”

Bryan Post, CEO of Oxytocin Factor, which sells bottles of supplements for $60, told The Daily, only 10 percent of the company’s sales are specifically for sexual enhancement, especially as a growing body of research points to the potential of oxytocin as a treatment for autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia and depression. But he sees it as a strong secondary driver.

“We’re getting a huge response from people looking for help with their health,” he said. “And I think, very often, a better sex life is a surprising side benefit or an added perk.”

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