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News Update: FDA clears Segasist Prostate Auto-Contouring Software

October 20, 2011

TORONTO, Oct. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Segasist Technologies, a Canadian
software company developing next-generation image contouring platforms
for biomedical applications, is delighted to announce that it has
received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for
its Prostate Auto-Contouring software ‘Segasist P-AC’. 

Segasist P-AC is a software tool developed for the purpose of segmenting MR, CT and
Ultrasound images of the prostate gland for diagnostic and
treatment-planning purposes. It can be trained by individual clinicians
to accurately and quickly process prostate images, including fast
slice-by-slice auto-contouring and volumetric calculations. The
software was externally validated at the London Health Sciences Centre (London, Ontario). Experts from the Sunnybrook Research Institute and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto, Ontario) also participated in the validation process by
providing input in the form of gold standard contours.

“Segasist P-AC is our first product to receive clearance from the FDA,”
says Hamid Tizhoosh, CEO of Segasist Technologies. “This is a
tremendous encouragement for us to continue the product development,
especially after the overwhelmingly positive feedback we recently
received at ASTRO 2011 regarding our new product Reconcillio(TM), which
uses the same engine as embedded in Segasist P-AC.”

The current version of Segasist P-AC is a complete segmentation solution
with the capability of adjusting the contouring process for prostate
delineation in any modality. It can improve the segmentation result by
adjusting its contouring techniques using images previously marked by
the clinician. That gives the clinical expert the opportunity to use
his own markings to train the software, even though the software can
also be delivered pre-trained.

“We are already developing new versions of P-AC enriched with more
valuable and exciting features and functionalities” adds Hamid
Tizhoosh, “DICOM-RT capabilities, a variety of visualization schemes,
more comprehensive editing tools, unlimited number of contours per
slice, and, of course, faster and even better segmentation. Our
ultimate goal is to exploit the potential of the Segasist Engine.
Segasist P-AC is just the beginning. Our newest product, Reconcillio,
with its unrivaled capability of computational consensus building will
help to drastically change the meaning of quality assurance in the
contouring of medical images.”

Segasist Technologies would like to thank all our partners, advisors and
friends, who have continuously supported us in achieving this first and
significant milestone.

For more information contact: Dr. Hamid R. Tizhoosh, (647) 260-7834 or
visit http://www.segasist.com

SOURCE Segasist Technologies

Source: PR Newswire