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With Today’s Meeting and Publication Release, PCPCC Renews Commitment to Medical Home

October 21, 2011

True transformation must come from within the health care delivery system, Grundy says

WASHINGTON, Oct. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today’s Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) 5th Annual Summit offers an opportunity for PCPCC members and supporters to advance the value proposition of the patient centered medical home.

The Summit features expert speakers from across industries in the private and public sectors from throughout the country. It also marks the release of two important publications:

  • Core value, community connections: Care coordination in the medical home focuses on the theory and the praxis of care coordination in the medical home. It was developed by Health2 Resources on behalf of the PCPCC, with financial support from Phytel and Merck. It is available here: www.pcpcc.net/guide/coordination_guide.
  • Putting Theory into Practice, a master list of consultation experts health care providers can turn to when they are ready to make the move to patient-centered care, was developed by Discern LLC on behalf of the PCPCC with financial support from Merck. It is available here: www.pcpcc.net/guide/transformation_guide.

The meeting, the longevity of the PCPCC and the publications all reflect the advancement of the patient centered primary home. Over the last five years, it has become increasingly evident the PCMH model has the potential to transform patient care and control costs, said Paul Grundy, MD, M.P.H., PCPCC president.

“To understand health care costs, you need to have an ability to get at the total cost of care at the individual patient level-at the interface between the patient and healer. This is precisely what the patient centered medical home is about. The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration understand this and have already begun to transform their health systems.”

He continued: “When providers understand the actual costs for treating a patient and how these costs relate to outcomes, they can begin to move toward population-based, cost-effective, models of care-care that is comprehensive, integrated, coordinated and accessible,” he explained. “Transformation must come from within the health care delivery system itself. The PCPCC members endorse and embrace just that sort of transformation.”

About the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative

The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative is a coalition of more than 800 major employers, consumer groups, organizations representing primary care physicians, and other stakeholders who have joined to advance the patient centered medical home. The Collaborative believes that, if implemented, the patient centered medical home will improve the health of patients and the health care delivery system. For more information on the patient centered medical home and a complete list of the PCPCC members, please visit http://www.pcpcc.net/.

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