Holistic Veterinary Care Now Open on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland

October 26, 2011

Holistic Veterinary Care, a new Oakland pet hospital dedicated to using alternative medicine to treat petsâ ailments, is now offering a range of methods to improve the health and wellbeing of Bay Area animals without the sometimes severe side effects associated with standard Western veterinary medicine.

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) October 26, 2011

Oakland animal rehabilitation center Holistic Veterinary Care is now open with its mission to improve the lives of pets throughout the Bay Area. The new pet hospital strives to enhance animals’ overall quality of life, utilizing a variety of natural methods including chiropractic care, acupuncture, Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) and other natural veterinary services. As Eastern medicine begins to fuse with traditional Western therapies, Holistic Veterinary Care proudly offers alternative therapies for open-minded pet owners.

âœA holistic approach to health care looks at the whole body and helps the system to heal itself. It addresses the energetic imbalances and blockages at the root of the issue rather than simply alleviating symptoms,â says Lee Richter, CEO. âœWhen symptoms alone are treated with Western drugs, therapies or surgeries, your pet may experience temporary relief. But without restoring harmony to the body, the persisting imbalances will result in worsening symptoms and eventually manifest disease.â

The Oakland veterinary service is staffed with a team of professional holistic clinicians with a diverse background of medical training ranging from chiropractic care to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to kinesiology to homeopathy. These clinicians provide holistic treatment, rehabilitation therapy, nutritional counseling and exercise programs for pets of all kinds.

An animalâs balance can get off track by disease or emotional stressors. Holistic Veterinary Care utilizes natural methods to help pets regain their natural balance and treat a wide variety of ailments including cancer, kidney disease and orthopedic problems.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view disease as an imbalance that overwhelms the system and results in physical and emotional symptoms. Once energy is strengthened and balance is restored, the animal’s natural healing processes can take over.

Veterinary chiropractic care is a manual therapy, which can be used to improve many health and performance problems. It focuses on the biomechanical dysfunction of the spine and its effect on the entire nervous system throughout the body.

Rehabilitative pet therapy can help with recovery from surgery, pain relief, improved strength and function, and weight loss. Holistic Veterinary Careâs rehabilitation program integrates hands-on therapy, an underwater treadmill, a heated therapy pool, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS, whirlpool, E-stim, and cold laser therapy.

Pulsed Signal Therapy (PST) is a new medical treatment for small animals that uses pulsed signals that mimic the normal healthy physiological signals transmitted by the body into the joints. PST promotes the repair of damaged cells and stimulates the body’s natural repair and maintenance processes effectively treats osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid disease, back pain and sports-type injuries.

The foundation of medicine is food, and Holistic Veterinary Careâs nutritionists can help pet lovers by creating a nutrition plan consisting of the best food and supplements to maintain their petâs health

As a form of therapy and exercise, Holistic Veterinary Care also offers swim memberships for canines. Pet owners can opt to have a professional to swim alongside their dog, or let them paddle free the in-house pool.

For more information about Holistic Veterinary Care, contact them at (510) 250-3654, view them on the web at HolisticVetCare-Oakland.com, or visit the holistic Oakland veterinary services and health care center located at 4382 Piedmont Ave.

About Holistic Veterinary Care

Oakland animal rehabilitation center Holistic Veterinary Care aims to be the premiere center for comprehensive holistic therapy for pets through the integration of therapeutic modalities, both ancient and modern. Their mission is to enhance petsâ quality of life by providing a complementary and holistic approach to healing and wellbeing.

The Oakland pet hospital brings balance to the whole body with techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, chiropractic care, rehabilitation therapy, Pulsed Signal Therapy and nutritional counseling. Animals can experience meaningful improvement and deep healing that reaches the root of the problemâ”all through natural means with no side effects.


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