BestDietTips.com Announces the Results of Latest Poll: “Celebrities We’d Love to See Get Fat”

November 28, 2011

Best Diet Tips asks readers to choose from list of six celebrities including: the Kardashian sisters, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Mike âœThe Situationâ Sorrentino, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 28, 2011

The weight loss information website, BestDietTips.com recently polled its readers to find out which celebrities theyâd most like to see gain 50 pounds. The BestDietTips.com poll generated responses from 1374 readers.

Poll choices included the Kardashian sisters, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Mike âœThe Situationâ Sorrentino, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

Best Diet Tips writer, Valerie Kirk said, âœWhen it comes to celebrities there are so many to choose from, but we picked six of the top celebs gracing the covers of gossip magazines.”

Coming in on top was Angelina Jolie. Thirty percent (418) Best Diet Tips readers agreed that the movie star and mother of six was the celebrity they most wanted to see gain fifty pounds. One recent tabloid account (not confirmed) reported that Angelina weighed as little 99 pounds, while photos of Jolie surface where her bones more visible than normal.

âœAngelina looks so rail thin, perhaps our readers were concerned with her healthâ”but somehow I doubt that all of their votes were altruistic. Some people find her annoying,â says Kirk. âœThere is also the Jennifer-factor, where people canât sympathize with Angelina on any level because they see her a home wrecker.â

Best Diet Tips reader, Stacy from Daytona Beach commented: âœAngelina is so thin, itâs gross. She doesnât even look like a woman anymore. Nothing is sexy about being that thin.â

Trailing just behind Angelina Jolie was Paris Hilton. A total of 28% (386) Best Diet Tips readers wished to see Paris go from fab to flab. Paris encountered some less than appealing press earlier this year when she walked off of a Good Morning America interview after being asked if she thought her time had âœpassed.â Valerie says, âœMy guess is that people have had their fill of Paris Hilton and think that 50 pounds might send her into indefinite hiding.â

Reality television powerhouses, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian have been candid about their weight for several years, often being labeled as Hollywoodâ˜s curvy set. But that didnât stop 21% (284) of Best Diet Tips voters from wanting to see them gain 50 pounds, each. According to Valerie, âœThere are a lot of folks out there who resent Kimâs recent wedding/divorce to the Kris Humpheries believing it to be a publicity stunt.â

âœAll the Kardashians care about is money. Iâd love to see them eat all of those wedding gifts after theyâve devoured that $50,000 wedding cake,â said Carla, a BestDietTips.com reader from Randolph, MA.

Rachelle, a fitness instructor from Athens, GA, disagrees. âœIâd rather see Paris Hilton gain 50 pounds than the Kardashians. Those sisters seem to be a healthy weight.â

Mike âœThe Situationâ Sorrentino, the Jersey Shore star and former Dancing with the Stars contestant, gathered a smaller share of votes. Eight percent of those who voted in the Best Diet Tips poll said they would love to see him cover his six pack with fifty pounds of blubber.

âœHeâs an idiot with abs. Might as well be a fat idiot,â said Latisha from Chicago.

Surprisingly only 8% (108) of the Best Diet Tips voters chose Lindsay Lohan as the celebrity who theyâd love to see gain 50 pounds. In recent months, Lohan has been shuttling between the courthouse and the morgue doing her community service. Valerie says of the results, âœI was really surprised that Lindsay Lohan got so few votes.â

âœLindsay is suffering enough already,â says Cheryl, a Las Vegas based marketing manager. Dennis, a shift supervisor in a bottling plant was less charitable as to why he didnât vote for Lindsay. âœI voted for Paris cause she got that stuck-up, rich thing going. Lindsay is just pathetic. Besides if she gets fat, she wonât fit in the jail cell.â

People seem more sympathetic toward Jennifer Aniston as only 5% (67) hoped sheâd put on an additional 50 pounds, and few wrote any critical comments. âœItâs as though people canât bring themselves to wish bad upon her,â said Best Diet Tips writer Valerie Kirk. Aniston who has recently generated attention due to her latest romance with Justin Theroux, continues to win the sympathy of many because of her failed marriage to Brad Pitt.

Shaina, a San Francisco-based writer fought the pro-Aniston trend, saying âœIâd love to see her gain weight just so I could stop hearing about her â˜perfect body,â â˜perfect hair,â and â˜how badly she wants a babyâ. Sheâs exhausting. And she has absolutely terrible taste in men.â

The Best Diet Tips Poll is an unscientific sampling of Best Diet Tips readers.

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