December 2, 2011

Excel Throw Revolutionizes How Baseball and Softball Players Learn to Throw

Improve your baseball and softball throwing techniques for just $19.99.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 02, 2011

Excel Throw,, the proven baseball and softball training tool that helps players from T-ball to college throw with greater accuracy, velocity and safety, is now available to players and coaches nationwide through their online site.

Endorsed by Mark Gubicza, the veteran All-Star and World Series pitcher who spent 14 seasons with the Kansas City Royals and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Excel Throwâs success focuses on how and where a player releases the ball.

Already used by players throughout Southern California, the Excel Throw reinforces correct throwing mechanics and establishes muscle memory for rookies and veterans alike. Players can carry the Excel Throw with them anywhere, practicing on the field or at home â“ all year and in all types of weather.

When a player twists their hand over the ball, dropping their elbow, the speed and accuracy of the throw is lost. Furthermore, poor throwing habits can lead to potential injuries for arms and shoulders. See how the Excel Throw works in this video:

Southern California High School baseball coach Ryan Nimura invented the Excel Throw to teach proper throwing techniques. âœStarting from T-ball, parents and coaches try to teach the correct way to throw a ball, yet the one area that is overlooked is the way a playerâs hand releases the ball,â said Nimura. âœThe Excel Throw is designed to give immediate feedback to the player throwing the ball, ultimately improving your overall skills and success.â

Designed for baseball and softball players at any position on the field, the Excel Throw trains players to throw the ball straighter and stronger by increasing the force of the two fingers pushing squarely behind the ball. Whether starting out in T-ball or competing in high school or college, the Excel Throw is an excellent training tool to not only learn how to properly throw, but correct bad habits and reinforce daily training.

âœThrowing a baseball or softball is a skill that must be practiced the right way,â said Mark Gubicza. âœThe Excel Throw will instill and reinforce those critical fundamentals for players at every level of the game.â

You can order the Excel Throw by visiting or by calling toll free at 888-272-4128.


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