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Heraeus’ Pala® Laboratory Products Division Launches Two Fracture-Resistant Acrylics

December 5, 2011

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Dec. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, the worldwide leader in dental esthetics, announced today that it has added the high-impact heat-curing Paladon ultra and cold-curing PalaXpress ultra fracture-resistant acrylics to its Pala line of denture-related products. The Pala division of Heraeus, which is the inventor of dental acrylics, is continuing to push the boundaries of prosthetic innovation with these two new products delivering superior breakage resistance and impact strength.

Denture stability begins with the denture base, particularly for demanding indications such as implant restorations with their increased masticatory forces. With Paladon ultra and PalaXpress ultra, technicians can easily and safely produce esthetically exceptional implant overdentures, combined restorations, and full or partial dentures.

Paladon ultra: The superior heat-curing acrylic for the highest requirements

Paladon ultra allows implant overdentures and fixed removable dentures to be manufactured as simply and easily as partial or full dentures. Paladon ultra exceeds the required standard values for fracture resistance, flexural strength and modulus of elasticity. This helps to increase the denture’s longevity and will ensure laboratory, dentist and patient satisfaction. Paladon ultra, which is certified biocompatible for user and patient (ISO 10993), also exhibits high color stability. It will be available in shades pink, light pink, dark pink, light reddish pink, shade 200, pink veined, R50 veined and pink live.

PalaXpress ultra: The universally applicable cold-curing denture acrylic

Cold-curing acrylic PalaXpress ultra offers dental technicians a new class of denture acrylics that is up to 50 percent more fracture-resistant than other cold-curing acrylics. Heraeus has created a unique formula that delivers exceptionally easy and reliable processing along with excellent esthetic results.

The secret to PalaXpress ultra’s high fracture resistance is a special material with a unique composition. These additives are highly soluble and form an even and strong bond with the other components of the powder-liquid system during polymerization. They stop microfissures, thereby preventing the formation of fracture points. Heraeus is the first manufacturer to integrate this technology in cold-curing acrylics.

Dentures made of PalaXpress ultra are extremely durable. The acrylic meets or exceeds the strict requirements of ISO 20795-1:2008 for fracture resistance, flexural strength and modulus of elasticity. The result is a highly durable, stable and yet flexible polymerized material that enhances longevity, minimizes complementary repairs, and increases laboratory, dentist and patient satisfaction.

PalaXpress ultra makes the production of high-quality dentures even easier and more reliable. The powder-liquid system can be processed in the same way as any other cold-curing acrylic. The fracture resistance and elasticity of PalaXpress ultra reduce the risk of fracturing during trimming and polishing and provide additional safety for tricky processes like deflasking. Its special formula allows powder and liquid to blend perfectly, which gives the dental technician not only fracture resistance but highly esthetic results with a very even surface structure. Dental technicians and patients will also appreciate the standard-compliant color stability of PalaXpress ultra.

As a universal acrylic, PalaXpress ultra can be used for a wide range of indications and all established methods of fabrication. As a component of the Pala system, this cold-curing acrylic can be used with Heraeus’ familiar Pala equipment. For example, PalaXpress ultra is suitable for the casting technique as well as for the injection method with Palajet. This flexible and versatile material is also suitable for more than just the standard requirements of dentures. PalaXpress ultra makes fabrication of implant-overdenture prostheses, two-part dentures, and cast model-based partial or full dentures or full dentures both convenient and reliable. The dental technician can even make constructions with a particularly large number of subcomponents in an easy and reliable way.

Pala: Fusing art and science to create the world of esthetic dentures.

Heraeus’ Pala Laboratory Products Division has been setting the standard for prosthetic excellence for over 75 years. With its Mondial® and Mondial® I denture teeth, Palajet® and Palamat® denture equipment, and acrylics like Paladon ultra and PalaXpress ultra, Pala enables dental laboratories and practices to create perfectly matched prosthetic products capable of truly transforming lives.

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