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BackJoy’s Posture+ Device Aims to Rid the Holidays of Back Pain

December 8, 2011

BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — BackJoy announced today the launch of its new Posture+ sitting device, just in time to provide welcome relief for the nearly 65 millions Americans traveling this holiday season. With 8 out of 10 Americans experiencing back pain in their lifetime, this newest addition to the BackJoy product line makes a perfect gift this holiday season to help travelers combat the problems associated with long-term sitting.

The normal seated position prevents the body’s core from being engaged, but sitting on the Posture+ helps to utilize core muscles for spinal strength. Users find increased comfort in the thighs, tailbone and lower back, and many report feeling more energy and better breathing. “I was surprised the difference it actually makes when I sit in my office chair. It not only makes sitting more comfortable during the day, but it makes me feel better getting up after sitting for a while,” says BackJoy customer Adam Micheli.

Posture+ utilizes BackJoy’s patented Applied Postural Science(TM) (APS), which promotes better posture by maintaining the spine’s most natural and strain-free position during sitting. Posture+ tilts the user’s pelvis upright to re-shape the spine and relieve pressure while simultaneously cupping the gluteal muscles. This combined action more evenly distributes the user’s body weight to prevent pressure points from developing. These revolutionary features of Posture+ recreate the same position and balance achieved while standing up.

Consumers can purchase Posture+ for themselves or a loved one for $39.99 on BackJoy’s new website: http://shop.backjoy.com. All visitors to the website will receive a special holiday offer of free shipping on all web orders now until December 20th. ( )Posture+ is available in six vibrant colors – red, blue, yellow, fuchsia, orange, and black. “Every time I go through the airport people stop me and ask where they can get one. I like the fact it not only feels good to use, but it feels good when people notice that I am doing something good for myself,” says fashion entrepreneur John O’Donnell. Posture+ fits individuals weighing between 120 and 300 pounds and works on any seating surface from a soft couch to a rock-hard bench.

In conjunction with the introduction of Posture+, BackJoy launched a new website – http://shop.backjoy.com – which connects users to the new product and the importance of good posture through quick, informative videos. Visitors can also sign up to receive BackJoy’s complimentary WellMail, which offers easy tips to improve posture when sitting, standing or sleeping.

“Americans sit an average of nine hours a day – most of the time with no regard to or awareness about their posture,” said BackJoy inventor Preston Willingham. “Even the most health-conscious people who spend hours a day at the gym sit in unhealthy positions and put their body at risk for back pain. Travel increases 23 percent during the holidays, so people are sitting even more than they normally would at this time of year. Posture+ can help prevent problems associated with sitting for long periods of time and provide the proper maintenance that can result in a lifetime of benefits.”

Chiropractic doctor Barry Kluner adds, “Alarmingly, back problems affect nearly everyone, even kids and teens. Why? These are ‘tech-times’. We sit all day and our bodies aren’t designed to sit for long periods of time. Since we can’t avoid sitting, we need to find a better way to sit. BackJoy Posture+ is revolutionary because it correctly targets the source of bad posture by immediately restoring the correct position of your pelvis to provide a neutral upright position of your spine. BackJoy Posture+ helps fix your posture and keeps your spine healthy.”

In addition to BackJoy’s APS(TM) technology, Posture+ is constructed with Advanced Core Material (TM). This long-lasting, durable material allows the device to not only retain its shape after long-term use, but allows Posture+ to work on any surface, whether it be a soft office chair or a rock-hard wooden bleacher seat. The skin of the Posture+ is made of an impact absorbing, all-conditions foam resin, which adds comfort and waterproof properties to the product for indoor or outdoor use. The main supporting structure of the device is made of aerospace-quality copolymer polypropylene plastic. Posture+ weighs less than one pound and is easily portable, making it simple to transport during holiday travel.

About BackJoy Orthotics, LLC:

BackJoy’s mission is to fix the way the world sits. The company creates and distributes innovative solutions to relieve and prevent back pain in ways that produce positive, life-changing results so customers can get back to the joy of living. BackJoy was recognized as #51 on the Inc. 500 “Fastest-Growing Company” list in 2010 and was selected by the Los Angeles Business Journal as the #1 “Fastest-Growing Private Company for 2010.” For more information on BackJoy, visit http://shop.backjoy.com.

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