Sleep Aid, Fat Burner LipoRid PMâ„¢ Celebrates 10,000th Customer

December 13, 2011

LipoRidPM.comâs years of research seem to have paid off as it celebrates serving its 10,000th customer on Monday. LipoRidPM.com is the first company to offer a 2-in-1 sleep aid, fat burner â“ and the innovation seems to be a hit with customers. LipoRid PMâ“¢ is an all-natural alternative to addictive sleeping pills that promotes weight loss while helping users fall asleep fast and sleep through the night.

(PRWEB) December 12, 2011

LipoRidPM.com was launched in 2006 as it introduced the world̢s first all-natural sleep aid, fat burner, LipoRid PM̢Ң, to the health supplement market. LipoRid PM̢Ң is formulated with a blend of 14 scientifically proven ingredients that induce a full night̢s rest while encouraging fat burning activity.

âœI had to give up prescription sleeping pills because of horrible headaches that left me feeling almost wasted in the morning. After trying LipoRid PMâ“¢, I slept better than I ever did on the sleeping pills and experienced no headaches at all. Now I feel great every day and problems with fatigue and depression are distant memories. It’s such a relief to be able to use something you never have worry about!â

â“ V. Wood

The need for an all-natural yet highly effective alternative to prescription sleep aids became evident to LipoRidPM.com CEO Leon Jeffries after more and more news stories began reporting on the behavioral and physical side-effects of these chemical-filled products. It is evident that the body needs 6-8 hours of sleep per night, but the dangerous side-effects of prescription sleep aids are hardly worth the risk. Some reported side-effects of the popular prescription Ambien include diarrhea, daytime drowsiness, headache, nausea and weakness, not to mention sleep walking and hallucinations.

6-8 hours of sleep per night can:

  • improve mood and memory,
  • prevent heart disease and stroke,
  • boost the immune system,
  • leave the body feeling refreshed and alert in the morning,
  • increase productivity,
  • lower blood pressure,
  • promote weight loss and more.

As an increasing number of Americans turn to sleep aid pills (according to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 3 in 10 women say they take sleep pills at least 3 nights a week), it is important to recognize that prescription sleeping pills are not the only alternative. LipoRid PM̢Ң does not trigger any unwanted side-effects but is equally as effective as prescription products and is non-habit forming.

Please visit LipoRidPM.com for studies, testimonials and product ordering information.

Editor’s Notes: LipoRidPM.com is the leading provider of all-natural sleep aid diet pills. LipoRidPM.com was launched in 2006 and is the first company to introduce a sleep aid, fat burner into the United States.

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