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Holistic Dentist in San Diego Specializes in Mercury Free Dentistry

December 15, 2011

LA JOLLA, Calif., Dec. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry, premier holistic dentist in San Diego, talks about the potential health hazards associated with traditional dental practices and materials. Holistic dentistry focuses on the overall well-being of their patients, and understands the integral role that safe dentistry plays in the health of the entire body as a whole. La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry, trusted holistic dentist in San Diego, highly recommends all patients undergo a heavy metal toxicity measurement to determine the levels of highly toxic metals including mercury in the body.

Amalgam fillings, also commonly known as “silver” fillings, are actually made up of around 50% metallic mercury. According to the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) mercury is the second most toxic substance in the world, and mercury fillings are constantly leaking vapor which is then absorbed into the bloodstream. High mercury levels are associated with numerous serious health issues and diseases including fatigue, depression, hormonal problems, and kidney failure.

La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry utilizes Quicksilver Scientifics’ Tri Test for mercury analysis, which includes comprehensive hair, blood, and urine testing. This method allows for dental practitioners to assess patient’s levels of both methyl mercury and inorganic mercury separately, and then plan a detoxification strategy accordingly.

“As an IAOMT dentist office, we believe that healthy teeth and gums are the first step to achieving optimal health,” said Dr. Fen-Hui Chen, founder of La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry. “The mouth is the portal to the rest of the body and we need to be more cautious of the materials we put in it.”

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La Jolla Center for Holistic Dentistry, leading IAOMT dentist in San Diego, specializes in whole body cosmetic dentistry. In order to have a healthy body one must have healthy teeth and gums that are free from the heavy metals and other toxicities often used in traditional dentistry practices. The holistic dentist in San Diego offers zirconium dental implants, non-surgical gum treatments, heavy metal detoxifications, safe removal of amalgam fillings, Oral Systemic Balance therapy, and other procedures to ensure optimal health and a beautiful smile.

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