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Home Owners Are Warned, Black Mold Has Infested Millions of Bathrooms and Kitchens

January 10, 2012

DURANGO, Colo., Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Mineral Methods announces the following: Black mold exists even in well kept bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Black mold is a known allergen and causes depression.

Under sink rims, and where flooring meets tubs and toilets, mold spores spawn and disperse into a household with just a wisp of air. Only Mineral Methods http://moldmenace.com offers to the general public an Eco friendly organic and natural mineral solution (Kills over 99.96% of bacteria on hard nonporous surfaces) the homeowner can safely apply in hard to reach places around plumbing fixtures. (Source: Brad Stewart, licensed master plumber and CEO plumbingE.com).

Simply opening a bathroom door will draw enough air to cause black mold spores to flare up by the thousands (even dead spores) and linger in the room regularly. (Source: Richard Carpenter, CEO of Ultra Steam and certified mold Professional). Allergies, depression, are family members irritable, perhaps difficult to awake in the morning? Black mold has been linked to multiple health concerns.

Homeowners: Never use aerosol sprays for mold or spray-on-chemicals to mitigate surface molds. Sprays mobilize spores which invade the oxygen in a room, and spray also promotes new mold breeding pods. (Source: Richard Carpenter, certified Mold consultant).

It’s understood mold spores are in our everyday air, though mold growing in the house, especially in confined areas like a bathroom, multiply the danger and can be very detrimental. It’s usual to see indoor levels reach concentrations that are hundreds of times higher than outdoors. Even dead mold spores indoors add to respiratory issues.

To address dangers of black mold, Mineral Methods developed “Mold Menace(TM)” (patent pending), a 100% eco friendly organic and natural mineral formula, very safe for the homeowner, yet extremely effective at killing molds. The process is not only easy; it leaves a fresh citric scent! Black mold thrives where shower condensation or moisture from washing get into countertops or flooring. It’s ingenious really, as Mold Menace(TM) not only kills all kinds of dangerous household mold, it treats surfaces and helps prevent further infestations. (Source: Brad Stewart, licensed master plumber and CEO of plumbingE.com).

“As a plumber for 38 years, I see mold under sinks and along tile edges where fixtures meet the floor. I have a heightened awareness because of dealing with black mold issues,” said Stewart.

Since discovering how common the black mold problem is and the extent of its health implications, Mineral Methods uncovered a host of environmental issues in treating black mold and in preventing reoccurring outbreaks. See what others think; visit Toluna’s survey: http://tolu.na/rztbDm – scroll down, click “Expand All.”

Mold Menace(TM) is available through http://moldmenace.com/momefsicomis.html . The MM kit includes detailed instructions, an applicator tube and a 4oz or 6oz. supply of Mold Menace(TM). Kills over 99.96% of bacteria on hard nonporous surfaces. Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

This announcement has been provided by Margaret Horgan, writer and speaker, Bachelor of Science, The Pennsylvania State University.

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