January 19, 2012

HCG Blog Explains the Science Behind hCG Weight Loss in Response to Recent Forum Postings

With an increasing amount of media attention surrounding hCG, many people are beginning to wonder how hCG drops can help users lose 1-2 pounds per day. In response to the vast number of postings on their forum regarding this topic, HCGBlog.com explains the science behind this weight loss phenomenon.

(PRWEB) January 18, 2012

The most common question posted in HCG Blog´s forum over the past week was “how do hCG drops work?” In response to the overwhelming number of queries, HCG Blog explains how hCG burns fat and why the hCG diet plan is so important.

HCG is a hormone produced by a woman during pregnancy as a backup method to protect the growing fetus. In the event that the woman is consuming too few calories, the hCG hormone signals the brain to release her stored body fat to provide nourishment to the child. This same fat burning effect takes place when a man or woman takes hCG drops or injections for weight loss. Unlike other very-low calorie diets, the metabolism does not shut down when hCG is combined with the hCG weight loss diet and muscle is not burned off. Multiple weight loss studies have demonstrated that the weight lost from the hCG diet comes direct from adipose fat tissue and not from lean muscle. HCG Blog explains that while dieters are only consuming 500 calories, the hypothalamus is releasing stored body fat to provide sustenance and energy. This means that the body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day, not only 500 as it might initially seem.

“By far the most common question we receive in our hCG forum is ℠how does hCG work?´ Despite hearing about hCG, the science behind how it works appears to be confusing to many people,” said HCGBlog.com founder Wendy Miles. “Dr. Simeons´ original manuscript describes not only how fat loss with hCG works, but why it is important to consume only 500 calories per day when taking hCG to lose weight.”

Dr. Simeons´ 500 calorie diet seems unhealthy to those who do not fully understand how hCG works, and under other circumstances this diet would be damaging to the metabolism. But because the hypothalamus is rapidly burning off calories for the body to use, the hCG diet is actually both healthy and safe for both men and women.

Editor's Notes: hCGBlog.com was founded to help provide answers and support for both those on the hCG diet and others who are simply interested in learning about weight loss with hCG.

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