Professor Says Workaholism Not A Bad Diagnosis

January 19, 2012

According to Rouen Business School professor Yehuda Baruch, being a workaholic is not necessarily a bad thing, according to The Telegraph.

Baruch said that having an addiction to work can lead to positive outcomes for individuals, businesses and society.

He wrote in a paper published in Career Development International that workaholism is associated with high levels of stress at work and home, and interfering with work-life balance.

But he said other research shows that workaholics display vigor and dedication, rather than exhaustion and cynicism.

Baruch says that having an addiction to work is like having an addiction to chocolate, in that there are some health benefits to be gained by eating chocolate.

He said workaholics are energized by their work and their achievements, which helps reinforce a sense of well-being.

According to the paper, unless workaholic employees cause significant damage to their health, it may be best to leave it to the employee to determine how much work they are willing to carry out.

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Source: RedOrbit Staff & Wire Reports

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