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Internet Retailer ALM Global Sales Introduces FeelGreatVitaminsAndSupplements.com

January 24, 2012

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Jan. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Canada-based e-commerce retailer of vitamins and supplements, ALM Global Sales LLC, today announced the launch of a new online store: www.FeelGreatVitaminsAndSupplements.com.

“There are so many adults who feel exhausted and stressed from our fast paced and demanding lifestyles… We often forget to take care of ourselves,” said President of ALM Global Sales LLC, Alexandra Mathurin. “Our products help naturally restore energy, heal and can even help us perform better mentally and physically.”

FeelGreatVitaminsAndSupplements.com is an electronic commerce (e-commerce) Web site, offering a vast array of health and wellness products aimed at combatting and reducing symptoms that are often associated with aging. Many of the products found on the Web site support anti-aging by naturally healing through vitamins, supplements, nutrition and nutraceuticals.

Product categories include but are not limited to Amino Acids, Bodybuilding/Sports Nutrition, Brain Food, Colon Cleansers, Detoxifiers, Essential Fatty Acids, Health Formulations, Joint Health, Just for Men, Just for Women, Nutritional Supplements, Skin and Hair, Vision, Vitamins/Minerals, and Weight Loss. FeelGreatVitaminsAndSupplements.com also plans to extend its product line to include personal care and cosmetic products in the near future. These products will also focus on anti-aging and contain the most beneficial ingredients for natural healing and restoration.

All products include an overview of key benefits, and ingredients. New and competitively priced products are added to the site routinely and FeelGreatVitaminsAndSupplements.com is committed to high quality transactions and shipping.

All major credit cards are accepted through the Web site’s PayPal portal. In addition to online transactions, a customer service team is available during normal business hours for customer support and can be contacted by completing a form on the Web site. The company will be utilizing social media in the near future to offer additional information on select products and health and wellness updates.

For more information on ALM Global Sales LLC and its newest site, visit www.FeelGreatVitaminsAndSupplements.com.


Source: PR Newswire